Product/market fit: avoid these mistakes

Product/market fit is the pillar on which businesses are built. It is also a term that you heard being thrown around a lot. But, building a product and “fitting” it into the market can be a tricky road. There are hurdles and as an aspiring entrepreneur you must avoid them. Every company has had toContinue reading “Product/market fit: avoid these mistakes”

Apple’s acquisition spree: case study (Part III)

The juggernaut that is Apple and its acquisition history. Here it is: the final Part III of “Apple’s incredible acquisition spree” case study. Part I in these series analysed one of Apple’s first major acquisitions that set the tone for its future deals. Part II examined Apple’s two biggest acquisitions and whether they were worthContinue reading “Apple’s acquisition spree: case study (Part III)”

Apple’s incredible acquisition spree (Part I)

Apple is one of the most recognised brands around the world. It is known for its innovative products, “guru-founder” Jobs, brilliant engineer and co-founder Wozniak, and many other things. However, the company’s acquisitions are an absolute masterclass of its own. As of the end of 2021, it is believed that Apple acquires a company everyContinue reading “Apple’s incredible acquisition spree (Part I)”