Adobe buying Figma: why $20bn, and why now?

The biggest “shock” deal in town of 2022. It has been reported that Adobe is to acquire Figma for a whooping $20bn (cash & stock). So why would Adobe make this move now? $20bn is about 50x Figma’s current revenue. Why “overpay” for something in the market where all stocks are trending down? Here isContinue reading “Adobe buying Figma: why $20bn, and why now?”

What’s in it for Pinterest: The Yes deal

Pinterest is a social media platform that doesn’t feature in the news very often. It hasn’t had as much attention from regulators or scandals as Meta (formerly ,Facebook) or TikTok. It’s also not quite as popular Snapchat or any of the above. However, Pinterest enjoys a loyal following of users who engage with it byContinue reading “What’s in it for Pinterest: The Yes deal”