Books for entrepreneurs

This list features books for aspiring entrepreneurs. I strongly believe that when it comes to books’ lists, there is no uniform answer. The reader should aim for the list that best suits their needs and they should enjoy the process of reading, too.

However, at my own risk , I will recommend the following books. These texts enhance one’s understanding of marketing and sales, help to learn from other founders’ mistakes by the means of business case studies, show how to achieve operational excellence and how to analyse markets and economic conditions we find ourselves in.

Whether as an entrepreneur you find inspiration or knowledge from these books, I hope it serves you well.

The list is updated regularly. Make sure to check back every once in a while for new recommendations.

Books on business and product building


Nir Eyal is a master of product building and user engagement. Read this book to learn how to make your users addicted to your product/service.

The author dives into human behaviour, why the apps and devices we use are so addictive, and the idea of building long-lasting habbits for your customers to keep them on your platform.

Zero to One

Peter Thiel is a legendary investor and founder from the Silicon Valley. A member of the famed “PayPal Mafia”, he shares his views on how to found a great company and capture the market in the process.

A great read to get your head thinking in the right way about your business – if your goal is to build the next Google.

Shoe Dog

A book by the founder of Nike, Phil Knight. A fascinating read which takes you on a journey he undertook in the 60’s to found one of the greatest sportswear companies in the world.

Every aspiring entrepreneur should read this if you are looking to: get motivated, understand the risks and challenges of being a founder, and truly understand what it takes.

Books on marketing and sales

The 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing

The pillar on which all marketing is built. Al Ries and Jack Trout do a great job at identifying top winning marketing strategies.

Based on real-life case studies, a marketing bible that is a great start for anyone’s career in this field.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

This book has achieved a legendary status for a good reason. It is not so much about marketing as it is about controlling the narrative and establishing a connection with fellow human beings.

It will help you regardless of whether you are in marketing or sales, or simply wish to get better at socialising.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

Outliers is nowhere as seminal as two previous books. However, it serves an interesting viewpoint in terms of analysing what contributes to one’s success.

Guess what, it is not just how talented you are, but also circumstances and a setting which may make you thrive/die.

This is not the conclusion it draws, but one we can deduce – look for the habitat where you will thrive to be successsful.

Books on economics

Hidden Games

An absolute gem by Hoffman and Yoeli. Enhance your understanding of game theory, how it can be used to explain our behaviour and the workings of this world.

This book will change how you perceive the world and its mechanisms.

Why Nations Fail: The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty

Understand why some countries are wealthy and others are poor and where does the economic and social divide come from.

A great read that draws on many historical examples. At the end of it your understanding of the world will be more complete.

Theory of Games and Economic Behavior

This is not easy reading by any means, but this seminal piece is where game theory originated from.

Understand game theory, how it applies in negotiation situations, and enhance your strategic thinking.

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