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The goal of this website is to provide as much practical knowledge for marketers and entrepreneurs as possible. This website was started in late 2019 and all of the content is written by me – I am Boris (yes, like the current UK PM) and I have been “active” in the entrepreneurial/marketing worlds for about five years now. 5 startups, three of which failed, and two are still going strong. I now head marketing and operations at Business Sale Report, where we are trying to reform the M&A industry in the UK using the company’s 20 years of experience and technology.

This website is a mash up of my personal case studies, research and observations on running a business/marketing campaigns.

How to navigate the website

There are two main parts to this website: the “Marketing” section & the “Business” section.

“Marketing” includes: guides and advice for novices (and relatively experienced digital marketers), specific case studies and research articles, and “resources”, which is where I recommend the best resources (books, blogs, etc.).

“Business” includes: case studies, my take on the latest business news, and same as the above – practical resources.

Unfortunately, I am a big fan of making custom Photoshop images (I suck at drawing and also never took an “official Photoshop course”, so they are pretty much just meme-collages), which is why you will be forcibly shown one or two of these in every article…

…and before I forget:

If you wish to contribute/start writing for Rykov Media, please feel free to email me at boris@rykovmedia.com. Also, if you are: a fellow marketing professional, just starting out on your entrepreneurial journey, need help with your existing business or you just wish to connect – feel free to get in touch with me on LinkedIn or via the above email.

I hope you enjoy your stay here and feel free to dive right in!

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